Lumber Rack for Ford, Chevy, Dodge, And Toyota Full Size Pick Trucks

Model:Material Rack Regular




•Removable Back bar

•Removable intermediate bar

•Top Guard rail

•Rope hook on each leg.

•Full weld Construction

• Full length rails ensure stable load bearing.

•McWelco Warranty

•Length: varied upon cab and bed configuration"

•Hight: varies based upon make of Vehicle"

•Frame Width: Standard 56.5"

•Load capacity: 1500lb Distributed

• Frame size: 1 3/4" Round Tube.

• Mounted via 4 - 3/8" bolts

•Weight: Up to 190lb

•Available Colors: White, Black or Bedliner

Removable Intermediate Bar

Additional cross bar for supporting Short material or ladders.

Hand Ratchet System

Includes ratchet mounting bracket and 12' foot strap. Design allows customized placement on McWelco Rack frame.

Bulk Head Angle

A Welded Bulk head cover between rail covers ensuring even load bearing and reduced bed fatigue.

Air Foil

Wind reduction device welded to front load bar of rack frame to reduce noise created by air passing between the rack and truck cab roof. Bolt on version also available.

*Options not included in Price

Regular Style Material Rack

McWelco Truck racks have been built over 50 years of experience and customer feed back. The Regular rack is our proven design that has stood the test of time. Along with our hand ratchet system this rack will securely carry more than you can safely carry on your truck. Each rack comes with a removable back bar and full length rails to ensure even load bearing and increase bed strength and life.

Price: $1801.00 Per unit. Call our sales line at (760)-244-8876 or email


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