Product Warranty

Article #1

Mcwelco Warranties to the original owner with proof of purchase, to repair or replace any McWelco brand product found to be defective in structural integrity, structural material and/or workmanship,*  for a period of five (5) years after the original date of purchase.

*(Hardware items and surface finishes not included in the above. see

article 2 and 3 )

Article #2

Mcwelco Warranties to the original owner with proof of purchase, the surface  Finishes of all Mcwelco Brand products against fading, flaking or peeling per the schedule below. McWelco finish warranty excludes any third party finishes such as Powder coatings or spray in Bed liners.


Polyurethane paint:   one and a half (1 1/2) years

full warranty.

Powder coat paint:   one (1) year full warranty


Super Poly Double coat paint Finish: Three (3)

year full Warranty.


Conditions Not Covered include: Damage Caused by

abrasion, scraping, impact-chipping, or normal wear.

Article #3

The fallowing HardWare items which are factory installed on various McWelco brand products are warranted for twelve (12) months after purchase to the original owner with proof of purchase.

A) Locks          B) Latches          C)Gas-arm Lid Stays

D) Bearings and Rollers    E)Lid Sealer /Gasket Material

Article #4

Return Policy

Products Needing repair must be returned to the McWelco Factory in Hesperia California. The Customer shall be responsible for all shipping charges.

Liability Disclaimer

While it is the policy of McWelco Products to warranty repair or replacement of any McWelco brand product found defective (as stated in the terms above), it remains the full responsibility of the owner or user, before using that product, to inspect and have corrected any condition that could be potentially harmful to persons or property.

Mcwelco Products shall not be held liable for any personal injury or damage to property or any other loss that is construed to have involved directly or indirectly the use of any McWelco item.

In No event shall the liability of Mcwelco Products exceed the replacement value of the defective or improperly used McWelco item.

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