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Flush Chest box for Ford, Chevy, Dodge and Toyota Full size Truck Bed.





•Constructed of 16 gauge Steel.

•Rims of lid and body formed to provide high strength bend resistance and a mechanically formed weather seal. No seal to replace.

•Multiple 16/18 gauge steel stiffeners reinforce lid and make it strong enough to "stand on".

•Stainless Steel continues hinge.

•Dependable latch system via two keyed push locks.

•Iconic High security lock shroud with lock.

•Twin gas arms for dependable lid support.

•Chrome Bolt on Handle for better lid control.

•Sliding steel tray.

•Length: 72"

•Hight: 18"

•Width: 30"

•Storage: 17+ cubic feet

•Notch size: Extends In bed 12"

•Security: Iconic High security lock shroud with Puck style hidden shackle lock system using 6 pin tumbler lock.

•Weight: 198lbs+

•Fits most full size pick trucks with 62" between bed rails. *

American 2500® Lock system

Front key insert offers convenience for those in and out of there box often.

Available while supplies last

Colored handles

The same bolt on handle that comes stock just finished in one of three colors white, black or bedliner.

Bolt on Rope Hooks

Retainer rope hook with reinforcing hooks can be placed any where on the face of the box to offer more cargo strap options.

*Options not included in Price

McWelco Products L Series Cross Bed High Security Truck Tool Box

McWelco reliable "Stand on" reinforced single lid Cross Bed Saddle style High Security truck tool box Featuring stainless Steel Continuous Hinge, full welded construction. And a unsurpassed security locking system. A dependable latch system via two keyed push locks. Iconic High security Lock shroud with Puck style hidden shackle lock system using 6 pin tumbler lock. Constructed of 16 gauge steel body, 16 gauge lid with Stainless Steel hinge and 16/18 gauge stiffeners.

Trade Price: $2389.00

Available Colors: White, Black or Bedliner

Call our sales line at (760)-244-8876 or email Sales@mcwleco.com


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